Patrick Crawford - LCW-C, LICSW

Patrick Crawford is President and founder of Crawford Consulting and Mental Health Services, (CCMHS), a leading mental health care provider located on the eastern seaboard. The company provides assessments, modifications and resolutions to behavioral and clinical challenges afflicting families and youth. 

With the establishment of CCMHS, Crawford turned his multi-faceted/multi-cultural work experience into an actionable professional curriculum that assist clients in reaffirming dignity, respect, responsibility and appreciation for themselves and others in a structured holistic manner. 
Prior to establishing CCMHS, Crawford utilized his skills in various components of therapy while employed or independently contracted as a clinician with many Baltimore, MD and Washington DC based centers including Progressive Life Center, Tri-Com Training Center, For Love Of Children, Child and Family Service Agency of Washington DC, Sasha Bruce, Inc., Grant-Grayton Urban Supports and Change, Inc. He still maintains his position with Howard University School of Social Work as a field instructor.

Now a leading family and child therapist, facilitator and administrator, Crawford has garnered a reputation for his innovative therapeutic approach by incorporating a spiritual component in therapy sessions which values the person as a whole. Including, but not limited to culture and ethnicity, personal beliefs, physical health, the ability to engage in positive relationships and the natural healing process. Crawford is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Maryland (LCSW-C) and in the District of Columbia (LICSW). He received a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Social Work from Salisbury State University and Delaware State University respectively. As an addendum to his formal education and nearly a decade of hands-on experience, Crawford has also received extensive training and certification in NTU (Afrocentric Therapeutic Treatment), Psycho-Therapy, Play-therapy and Therapeutic Aggressive Control Techniques (TACT-2). Crawford is an active member of the National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) and National Association of Social Workers (NASW).