The following services can be offered both in the home and in the office. These clinical services are designed to better assist individuals and families in adapting and coping with life’s challenges.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE TREATMENT: Can be both individual and group.  It is utilized to address individuals who are active or previously active abusers.  The focus is on the cause of the abuse and resolving it while also addressing the modification of behavior.

The process by which individuals or groups go through the process of loss or transition of loved ones that may no longer be available to the individuals.
INSIGHT ORIENTED THERAPY: A therapeutic modality through which the therapist assists the consumer in gaining new or improved understanding and insight into the possible explanations for their feelings, responses, behaviors, and current relationships with other people.
PLAY THERAPY: The process by which clients are provided age appropriate ways to express their emotions, experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, self-healing process. These services are provided through both directive and non directive modalities. 

is based on the core principles of ancient African and Afrocentric world view, nurtured through African American culture, and augmented by concepts and techniques of Western psychology. NTU psychotherapy is spiritually based and aims to assist people and systems to become authentic and balanced within a shared energy and essence that is in alignment with natural order created by Dr. Frederick Philips of Progressive Life Center in 1983, the emphasis is placed on the whole person and the healing process that is natural component of life.
CHILD and ADOLESCENT GROUPS: We offer groups that center on life skill development and anger management, and we provide groups on substance abuse for teenagers. Our groups are designed to enhance the development of each male and female as socially acceptable means of behavior with peers, coping with stressful situations, and developing skills necessary to be contributing members of society. In our substance abuse groups we address the behaviors associated with substance use while addressing the underlying challenges that lead to substance use/abuse. Other groups are available upon request/as needed.  
ADULT GROUPS: We also offer groups for adults that may struggle with socially acceptable behaviors, substance abuse, domestic violence, and parenting skills. In our groups we address the inappropriate behaviors that may lead to inappropriate choices. We further explore contributing factors to the challenges that each individual encounters and assist them in processing, understanding, and learning appropriate ways to express themselves using the group as a testing ground for their newly learn skills. In our parenting group we look to assist the parents in developing an understanding of themselves and their roles as a parent. We assist in developing, discussing and initiating socially appropriate disciplines strategies with their children in a nurturing way. We provide an acceptable environment for parents to discuss their challenges with the rearing of children today.