WE WEAR THE MASK: “We Wear the Mask” a training about the mask that individuals wear in their personal and professional lives and how it impacts/effects each aspect of life if not aware of and appropriately balance to reduce conflict.
TACT 2: Therapeutic Aggressive Control Techniques, was established by Dr. Steve Parese. This passive restraint training is based upon the ability to assess situations, establish relationships, diagnosis deliberate behaviors and emotional behaviors and appropriately respond to prevent individuals in care from re-experiencing a possible traumatic experience. 
OTHER TRAINING: We provide an array of other trainings that include Clinical and Staff development, Fatherhood Roles in the Parenting Process, African-American Manhood Development, Multi-cultural and Holistic approaches to Clinical service delivery, Conflict Resolution, Cultural Competency, as well as stress management trainings. We also provide support and training to schools surrounding bullying, staff development (working with children with Severely Emotional Disorders), and classroom management among other trainings.
OTHER SERVICES: We also provide Home studies for custody, and guardianship, court reports, conflict mediation, and trainings to strengthen staff that work with individuals working with children and adolescence.