About CCMHS:
Founded in 2003, Crawford Consulting and Mental Health Services (CCMHS) is rapidly establishing itself as one of the fastest growing Mental Health Service providers on the east coast.

Currently, with offices in Maryland and Washington, DC, CCMHS employs a diverse group of skilled professionals in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, social work, other mental health practitioners, and community interventionists.

African American owned and operated, CCMHS, like many other reputable mental health providers, engages in the traditional assessment of behavioral and clinical challenges. What makes us unique, however, is our focus on the client’s spiritual component which validates them as a whole. This component include the culture and ethnicity, personal beliefs, physical health, the ability to engage in positive relationships and the natural healing process. 

Using the mantra “Healing Life Through The Experience Of Living”, CCMHS implements a host of non-clinical activities in our therapeutic process to assist our clients in reaffirming dignity, respect, responsibility and appreciation for themselves and others.
With well over 75 years experience collectively, CCMHS has provided mental health and supportive services for over 3000 families since its inception. CCMHS utilizes this vast experience with innovative and unique approaches to address client needs and situations. CCMHS can provide services in-home to alleviate anxiety about client privacy, or clients can have services at one of the office locations throughout the Maryland and Washington DC metropolitan areas. 
Additionally, individual clinicians with the agency have experience in play therapy, substance abuse, behavior modification, and insight oriented therapeutic modalities. The psychiatric staff has worked with multiple populations ranging from 6 to 65 years of age. The experienced clinicians of CCMHS are from diverse backgrounds and have experience working with multiple ethnic and culturally diverse populations including African American, European American, Hispanic/Latino, and Caribbean cultures.